Security officers handle all retail shopping security services and systems. Retail shopping stores are facing an increasing need for superior security. Thieves routinely steal merchandise and exit the store undetected. Meanwhile, employee theft can occur right under the management’s nose without being detected. Without a strong security presence, situations like this can get out of control. Delta Srs Pvt Ltd . can provide the right plan of action to put a stop to theft. With 24-hour surveillance systems and highly trained guards in place, Delta Srs  Pvt. Ltd. is equipped to handle the task of making your outlet theft-proof while maintaining a comfortable shopping atmosphere for customers.

Delta srs  provides security services to retail clients, which can include supermarkets, store chains, a shopping centers or shopping malls as well as the property owners of these buildings. The solution is developed according to the needs and the risks of each client and comprises a combination of different services, such as parking surveillance, people counting and visitor handling as well as remote services and lone worker protection after closing times. Delta Srs’ retail security solution goes way beyond conventional alarm panels focusing on sending alarms to our clients. By combining our knowledge with the latest technologies, we give our clients real-time control over their entire business. Our security solutions allow our clients to manage tasks remotely from anywhere, in-house or outsourced at our. Whether it’s a small shop around the corner, a shopping mall or a luxury store, we have developed security solutions based on the risks and the needs of the market and the clients.

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