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Training is a core focus area of our operations; well trained professionals provide superior service, happier clients and secure operations. Every guard we deploy under goes rigorous training for 160 hours as per PSARA guidelines at our state-of-the-art training academy. We focus on specialized training for different customer segments. Our on-site training include soft skills, values and ethics and refresher courses Training is aimed at equipping the security personnel with the necessary skills, knowledge & abilities that enables them to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

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Since business model of every customer is different, so is their need. Our security solutions have been designed keeping requirement of different customers in mind


We impart basic security training before deployment on sites and once deployed at sites, regular on job training is imparted by on job training officer. We do impart basic Security Training to our fresh recruited Civilians as well as to Ex-men Guards, to enable them to perform their duties, in most effective manner. In schedule we try to cover all subject matters concerning Security duties like vigilance, access control, vehicle inspection / control, fire safety & precautions, first aid & patrolling etc. The security guards are made familiar with their service conditions, uniforms and equipment. This is followed by a brief introduction about the code of conduct to be followed by each security guard. Other aspects in a basic training includes.


Whereas in the on-the job training, there is a session of about 30-40minutes in a week to make the guard aware of ON JOB TRAINING at the respective site. It can also be classified under the basic and specific on-the job training procedure. In the basic on the job training, following topics will be included

Once the basic training is finished, the security guards undergo the specific on the job training which includes the following:

Both basic and on the job training given by our company is one of the best in the industry as it is according to the international standards. A part from these two basic and on-the job training, the supervisory staff and guards are subject to an appropriate assessment and evaluation measured by the security officer. For this, they have to complete refresher training of 2 days within a span of six months. In refresher training, all the aspects of duties are revised so as to ensure that their professional level is maintained at the required level. For a proper check on the security guards, field officers / supervisors visit the site twice a day, manager inspects once every alternate day and senior staff does inspection weekly. Surprise checks are also done and strict action is taken against any inappropriate behavior.

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