Lack of compliance is hindering the investigation.


Facility Management Services

The scope of our facility management services includes a range of areas to meet the requirements of our clients. We ensure the personal hygiene of our personnel meets international standards. Our supervisors are well trained equipped to handle routine work thereby ensuring that the client is in no way disturbed.


The Board and Senior Management of Delta Srs Pvt Ltd consist of renowned security experts who have served in the country’s premier security agencies and armed forces.


We provide best investigation services

Our investigation wing has a team of experts with experience of over 40 years to handle cases deftly while maintaining confidentially of our clients. We also undertake special assignments of obtaining credible market intelligence for the corporate to assist them in decision –making by obtaining credible market intelligence. SPID undertakes a variety of assignments as per requirement including the following.


Pre and post employment verification / domestic/ other help verification.

Point verification for mobile connections, loans etc.

Asset verification.

Matrimonial / family discord / infidelity.

Corporate fraud and other vigilance matters.

Tracing of missing persons/ automobiles.

Covert/ unobtrusive surveillance as per requirement.

Investigation of issues related to wildlife.

Security risk analysis/security audit.

Insurance fraud investigation.

Market surveys.

Forensic matters and document verification.